This post is about differences between European and American (early-stage) tech companies working cultures.

The reason my career evolved into product management & product marketing is because my approach to business always starts with the customer/end-user: a product manager’s role is to connect the business to the customer optimally.


This post is an observation of European SaaS business innovation at scale.

While living in Europe, I kept up with tech news from Seattle. There were 3 reasons for this:

  1. Seattle has very innovative entrepreneurs and technology companies: I was observing early stage technology and business trends.
  2. Because my specialty…

I posted the following on the Slack Channel in response to a discussion about impressions about the France/Paris tech ecosystem:

The thread about starting tech businesses in Europe (ex. Paris) and Europe-US (business) cultural differences are subjects I think about a lot.

I am originally from Seattle but have…

When you read about EU companies expanding to the US, see if they have already expanded in Europe.

In Winter 2019/2020 I was in Germany looking for a job taking a company international (and multilingual).

I was surprised at how many German online software companies want to make their first…

A surprising number of startups in Europe are doing their online presence only in English. That does not necessarily mean they are truly international or global.

In February 2016 when I attended the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) conference for startups at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I was struck…

Steve Zitkovich

Originally from Seattle, have lived in total 15+ years in 8 countries in Europe. Manage international & multilingual expansion of online / e-commerce services.

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